Civic Tech Tulsa 2016

Join us for a full day of civic technology talks, and projects.


Featured projects.

1. Crow Creek water quality testing. codesy sponsorship. (Github)
We have once again invited Blue Thumb OK to work with us. At CodeAcross this past Feb., we took a field trip with Cheryl Cheadle to Crow Creek, and learned how to test the creek’s water for pollutants (fertilizers, pesticides, etc). Now we’ll be taking those tools and creating a web app that any citizen with a water testing kit, can use to report their findings online.

2. Tulsa Health Dept. Inspections. collaboration w/ legal aid & the tulsa county health department.
THD inspects homes to ensure and enforce certain minimum building standards that must be in place if the structure is occupied or used. These standards include requirements pertaining to sanitation, maintenance, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, and more. Currently home inspection forms and results, are not in a digital format. This project aims to give Tulsa County Health Dept. inspectors a digital form by which to report their findings, and ultimately a way for the collected data to be shared with local health providers.
Local Projects.

regional data portal. collaboration with “tulsa data experts” + OII.

Citygram (Github)

snap/ebt: balance (Github)

City Struggle Bus (Github) (Github)

TFDD – Tulsa Fire Department Dispatch (Github)

Is there water in the river? (Github)


Data Sources.

Oklahoma Boundary Service

City of Tulsa – Open Tulsa


National Challenges.
Code for America – National Day of Civic Hacking


Groups / Connections.
Like-minded groups who are also involved in civic technology work.
What Works Cities (Bloomberg Foundation + Sunlight Foundation + City of Tulsa)
Tulsa Web Devs
The Mine
OK Coders
Civic Ninjas
Tulsa Data Experts
Data Science Meetup
Techlahoma Foundation

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