Tulsa Open Wireless

Imagine a world in which, neighborhood by neighborhood, people stop putting password locks on their Wi-Fi networks and instead share their Internet connections with their neighbors, giving everyone in their community access to a fast and open Internet.­­

This is the vision of the Open Wireless Movement, a group that aims to grassroots wireless infrastructure through individuals and organizations sharing their internet connections freely.  The website contains an FAQ, which tries to respond to “myths” about providing open wireless access, and discusses open wireless benefits and some information about how to provide free wireless service without compromising network speed and security.

Tulsa has joined this movement, and the website http://tulsaopenwireless.org/ was launched at the end of January to encourage individuals, businesses, and other organizations to collect information about open wireless networks (via MozStumbler, an Android app for building a free database of geolocation based on network availability (…this is more fun than it sounds)) as well as provide open wireless access.

The Open Wireless website lists many benefits to ubiquitous, free, wifi.  The following sums several of them up quite nicely: “A world where people always have their online services and social networking tools at hand is a world where both businesses and municipalities can better lure people out from behind their desks.”

One thought on “Tulsa Open Wireless

  1. What an interesting idea. I guess they would need to consider how to protect privacy and personal information. I have no idea how one would do that while freely sharing their Internet conneciton with others. A completely free and open Internet would certainly help information to spread even faster than it’s already spreading. Great article.

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