Wiki Wednesday – Outdoor Seating Results

The results are in from our first Wiki Wednesday.  The Outdoor Seating tag now includes pages for Elote, Elwood’s, El Guapo’s, and the Boulder Grill.  We also have new pages for Chimera and the Fab Lab.


TulsaWiki is a young wiki, in an awkward stage.  There is so much that could be on the wiki, that it can be hard to know where to start.  It takes a certain bravery and boldness to dive in and create a page.  That’s why I’m especially happy that we got at least 3 new editors.  Welcome adossett, destos, and soulpropRioter!

Please continue adding restaurants, whether they have patios or not.  But also, follow your passion.  What is important to you in your town?  If time is limited, make a placeholder page.  When you come back, you may be surprised to see that others have filled in the details.

We’ll do another Wiki Wednesday, and continue doing them until the National Day of Civic Hacking.  If you can think of a WW topic that excites you, add it in the comments, or better yet, add it to Pages Wanted on the Tulsa Wiki.

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