Tulsa’s Open Data Policy: What We Learned

The conversation around Open Data began in late 2012 / early 2013. After having worked on a couple different gov tech projects (creating a boundary service, working with TulsaTransit to get their data on to googlemaps, and working with the

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Code for Tulsa featured in the Tulsa World


We’re not sure if the timing was intentional or not, but Jarrel Wade of the Tulsa World includes some great information about Code for Tulsa, in his piece “Technology used to attract new Tulsans” just as we’re getting ready to

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Partnership with Smart Growth Tulsa

Code for Tulsa has been working hard this year on building relationships: both with departments in City Hall, and with other civic-minded groups that have an interest in making Tulsa better.  We’re very happy to announce that Code for Tulsa

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Collaboration with the City

Last year’s National Day of Civic Hacking was a huge event: we collaborated on a project with FEMA, we held a hack day at the Tulsa Library for TulsaWiki, and we worked on LocalTour.  We all collectively agreed that there was no

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Tulsa’s CodeAcross Projects

Code for Tulsa + TU ACM

Code for Tulsa, and the TU Student ACM organization worked together for a weekend of civic hacking at this year’s CodeAcross event, hosted by Code for America (full list of hosts, sponsors, and producers, here and news coverage, here). The event

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Tulsa Open Wireless

Imagine a world in which, neighborhood by neighborhood, people stop putting password locks on their Wi-Fi networks and instead share their Internet connections with their neighbors, giving everyone in their community access to a fast and open Internet.­­ This is

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Code Across 2014: Beyond Transparency


The Tulsa Community Joins Together for Weekend 
of Civic Innovation: Feb 22-23 Co-produced by Code for Tulsa, Civic Ninjas and TU’s Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the event will focus on taking government data and using

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